You won’t find many boat building supplies and tools at your local hardware shop. Marine supply stores sell complete boat building kits. You will need to decide what type of boat you want before you start shopping for boat building kits. Each type of boat requires different types and types of kit. You should also purchase the plans before you buy a boat kit. This will give you a better idea of the materials you’ll need. You can expect to find the following items in your boat-building kit: * Boat Fastening HardwareBoat hardware is different than what you’ll find in your typical hardware store. It should be corrosion-resistant, and must have additional strength. Experts in boat building recommend using bronze annular and silicon bronze screws. These items can be found in boat fastening kit. *Hand Tools and Power ToolsA multipurpose power tool for boat building is the best. It includes attachments that can be used to saw, sand, grind, scrape, and remove dust. You can purchase a variety of hand tools in kits. *Epoxy Kit– The wood and laminate parts of a boat can be glued together or coated in epoxy to increase strength and protection. These supplies include resin as well as disposable materials such as brushes, gloves, mixing […] read more