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Why pediatricians?

The task of the pediatrician is, in the first place, examination and examination, if necessary, testing, in the next stage, accurate recognition of the problem and in the last stage, treatment of children and infants according to age, sex, type of disease, physically and mentally. They are. On the other hand, specialists and subspecialists in children and adolescents, in addition to studying general medicine, for a period of at least 3 years, specialize in physical, mental and psychological diseases of childhood and adolescence and become experts in this field.
If we want to compare the difference between a pediatrician and a general practitioner (adults) in a very useful and concise way, the main differences in childhood and adolescence with adults are physical, including differences in anatomy and physiology, as well as mental problems. And it is a different mentality from growth to youth.
As a small and thought-provoking example of the difference between a pediatrician and an adult, we can mention the fear of children and pediatricians in seeing a doctor, which certainly has a pediatrician who has a lot of patience about children’s reactions.
In the continuation of the article, the definition and difference of physiology and anatomy in children and children with adults will be compared, in order to have a proper understanding of referring to a pediatrician.

What is physiology?

The science of studying the mechanical, physical, bioelectrical, and biochemical functions of organs and their constituent cells in the human body is called physiology. That is, physiology focuses primarily on organs and systems, from the smallest part of the body * cell * to the * complete human body *. In order to express these things, they are: cell, tissue, organ, device, and finally, all of these things, that is, a perfect human being.

What is anatomy?

Anatomy is meant in this way, ana means body, and tome means to split or dissect. So, anatomy is a science that talks about the structure of the human body and the relationships between different organs.
To summarize the meaning of the words physiology and anatomy, why we need a pediatrician is that the major difference between organs and systems and the relationships between them in a human being It is a full-fledged adult, with children and children still growing, and should be seen and treated by a specialist. Even in terms of prescribing medication, pediatric and pediatric medications are always prescribed according to the age and physiology of the child and pediatrician.
The difference between an online child and adolescent specialist and referring to a pediatric clinic and hospital
We may be in a hurry to see a pediatrician with a small incident for our child and toddler. But always, in the first place, we may not need to go in person for treatment or be away from the hospital and clinic for children and children. In this case, with a low-cost consultation, you can save time and most importantly, away from the crowds of the streets online and online, and if you need to visit in person, you can with the opinion of the consultant An online pediatrician also visited a specialist clinic and hospital.

Pediatricians online and in person

Given that human beings in childhood, childhood and adolescence have certain sensitivities appropriate to their developmental period, or that they may have congenital problems at birth, it is necessary for this period to be relevant experts in all areas. Benefit from pediatricians online and in person. Because if the diseases are not identified and treated early and in time, the child, after his growth and passing through that period, may not be able to be cured and will regret it for the rest of his life.
It is in this state that the importance of all kinds of pediatricians and online counseling and online visits for children and adolescents (online specialized clinic for children and infants), shows itself and doubles. Because in many areas, such as child nutrition, child psychology and… there is no need to be 100% present for treatment and consultation and can be done by contacting the doctor of the online clinic for children and children, this can be done by saving money and time Dad.
What help and consultation with a specialized online clinic for children and infants will help us?
Online counseling and visits for infants and children help us to know the types of diseases, how to treat, vaccination and its timing and.. Things to learn in this type of visit and consultation are:
For example, in a few months, which vaccine should I give to my child?

Which disease, at what age, what are the symptoms?

Information on various diseases of children, adolescents and adolescents. Common diseases in children and infants include ear infections, chickenpox, fungal infections, scarlet fever, meningitis, and if left untreated and untreated, the child may be paralyzed for the rest of his or her life. Even lead to death.)
The most important task of a physician, especially a pediatrician, is primarily to prevent diseases and injuries, so that the work does not reach the treatment stages. So timely referral and timely counseling, especially online and offline, will be a great help for the complete health of our beloved child and child.

Times to see a pediatrician

Children’s online clinic

From the time your child is born until he or she is 2 years old, the child usually has problems that, especially if he or she is the first child in the family, parents may see a pediatrician several times a week or monthly. But after the age of 2, until the end of childhood and adolescence, the number of referrals decreases. According to research and reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), usually 1 in 6 children aged 3-17 have physical and behavioral problems and should be referred periodically. O done.
According to experts, a visit every two months, and at the best time, once a month without any problems until the age of two is useful and recommended. During these visits, the pediatrician examines the child for nutrition, physical and motor development, and advises the parents in these cases.
In the present era, due to the growth of technology, and online and online counseling and treatment, in many cases, according to the cases mentioned above, there is no need for physical referrals and by obtaining specialized advice from the online academy of child health, Many cases can be solved easily and without worries. But in cases such as high fever, which may lead to seizures and subsequent irreversible cases in your beloved child, you should visit in person. Of course, during the time of arrival at the hospital, you can also use the online and online specialists of children and adolescents, so that the initial measures can be done with the opinion of the relevant specialist.

Doctors of specialized pediatric and online clinics

It is true that most pediatricians perform primary care according to the above (vaccination, nutrition, physical-motor, etc.), but if special care is needed, a specialist doctor is needed. For example, there is a specialist called a neonatologist who deals with problems and diseases such as premature birth, congenital diseases, etc. before birth, during pregnancy and after birth.
Other different pediatricians we need to know about include:
Oncologist (to diagnose pediatric cancers)
Cardiologist (to diagnose pediatric heart disease)
Lung specialist (to diagnose various diseases and respiratory and lung problems in children)
Rheumatologist (to diagnose various motor, skeletal and muscular disorders in children)
Nephrologist (to diagnose various diseases of the kidneys and pediatric administration)
Neurologist (to diagnose various brain and neurological problems in children)

summary and Conclusion Specialty

Due to the many daily conflicts as well as the growth of technology, and online and internetization of many services, for our own comfort and convenience, it is possible to do a simple search on the Internet and pay online, from specialized and sub-specialized online clinics Children and infants, and save time and money by using specialists and online services such as online pediatricians.

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