Security clothing is an important factor in the workplace, and is something that every employer has to provide for their employees so that they are protected from various health and safety risks at work. Security clothing generally refers to work clothes such as suits and working gears that prevents accidents from harming the user. Some examples of such work clothes are tool belts, all-weather jackets, tool bags, flame resistant work clothes, gloves etc.
As the importance and requirement of protective clothing increased so did the competition between brands. Protective clothing manufacturers are constantly looking for new materials and ideas to upgrade their workwear and product range. Snickers workwear is one of the most trusted brands in the protective clothing industry due to its quality, design, practicality and durability. All the latest technologically upgraded materials are used to offer the best comfort and protection for the Kamar Projekt.
High tech materials used in the clothing provide ease of use, which enables users to complete the task at hand more efficiently. Gore Tex, Windstopper, Cordura, Coolmax and Superfabric are some of the materials used to manufacture these workwear which are extremely durable and made up of different unique advanced systems.
The Active Insulation System is a soft and lightweight fabric, which is ideal for outdoor-based work and activity for its insulated and moisture transportation properties.
The Active Vaporize System is a high tech material, which is breathable and eliminates moisture build up keeping the body dry even during sweaty activities.
The Active Protection System is based on three layers of clothing, which is designed to keep dirt, wind and water out.
These fabrics are developed to provide the optimum resistance to weather conditions, cuts, flames, temperatures, punctures etc. Moreover, the fibre structure in the fabric makes it possible for the user to enjoy maximum comfort of dryness and lightweight clothing even under stressful and hardworking conditions.
The materials used to produce these protective clothing are lightweight and stylish yet tough to withstand any kind of labour intensive work. Reflective colours and features are used to provide high visibility and the water, wind and dirt resistant properties makes it very easy for after care and maintenance. The active systems are designed to provide freedom of movement combined with warmth and ventilation for outstanding comfort. Extensive testing is carried out before any of these workwear are put into production as a health and safety measure for users.