Find a partner with whom you can develop a long-lasting relationship when searching for an electrician. It will help you save time, money, and effort if you find someone you trust to do the job right and charge the right price.
Step 1: Locate Recommended Companies
It is possible to get recommendations from your neighbors and friends for electricians. You can also search for electrician Los Angeles on the Internet. If you include the word reviews in your search, you will be able to look at company reviews.
Another way to find reviews on websites is to search them. Google Places allows you to see reviews and details about how jobs went.
If you are looking at customer testimonials, look at the big picture. Is there a negative review that isn’t among all the positive ones. Is this just a unhappy customer? Is there a company response that clarifies the matter or that says it has corrected the problem?
Once you have selected three or four electricians, look at Elektriker Plus.
Step 2: Go to the Electrical Company Website
* Is the property presentable and well-maintained
* Easy to locate what you need
* Personable, helpful, not overloaded with sales pitches
* How many excellent testimonials are there?
If the website looks okay, it’s time you interview the electrician.
Step 3: Interview
Be comfortable with your electrician and pay attention to the level of trust you have. Below is a list of questions you can ask. Even if you already have glowing recommendations or are doing a small repair, such as replacing a broken light switch. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re not able to speak with a recommended electrical contractor and you are considering a remodel project, you can ask.
* Previous experience in the field you choose
* Years in the business. Customers are satisfied with companies that have been around for a while. They’ve also acquired a lot valuable experience and are highly competent.
* Contractor’s Licence Number
* Workers Comp Insurance and Liability Insurance. It is desirable for the company have at minimum $1 million in liability insurance to protect you home from damage. Workers Comp provides medical care for electricians that are hurt while working. This also protects against any potential liability.
* Guarantees. Some companies offer a life-time guarantee on their work. It would not normally cover electrical parts they install, as that is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. However, an electrician should offer at least a two-year guarantee on labor. Best to get a guarantee for the entire life of your home.
* Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. Ask for the exact name of your company, and in what city. Sometimes, the BBB may use a slightly shortened name, perhaps the official legal title of the company.
* Pricing
* Please enter your website address, if you don’t already have it
* Contact information for five clients.
Take down everything, especially the License Number. If you are deciding to proceed, it is worth reviewing some of the information provided by the electrician. The electrician will not be contacted if the decision is not made. Save the notes, so you can recall which companies have been ruled out.
Step 4 – Look and Listen
While you’re gathering information, not only should you listen to what they say but also consider how the electrician makes you feel. You should also keep your eyes open when meeting with the electrician.
* Do electricians appeal to you?
* Are you able to feel relaxed and not under stress?
* Does the electrician inspire confidence?
* Does the staff at the company seem to have a good grasp of what they’re doing?
* Do they operate ethically and legally? Are they acting in the manner you would expect?
* Do they return telephone calls promptly
* Are they on-time when they meet you for appointments
* Do they listen to you and make it easy for your to understand their answers?
* Does the electrician have a clean vehicle and well-maintained tools?
Bidding job electricians tend to be the most professional. If you notice an electrician treating you or your family in a way that is concerning to you, you should find another one who you feel more at home with.
Step 5) Take it out
* Customers reviews are a great place to start if you don’t have one. You will find more details in the first section.
* Enter the Contractor License Number into the Contractor License Board website of your state. Find out if you have any “black marks”.
* Find out the rating of the company at the Better Business Bureau
. Based on customer complaints submitted to the Bureau, rating ranges from A+-F. Note: An “A”, based on customer complaints, reflects the same level as an “A+”. The A+ is awarded to contractors who become paying members of the Better Business Bureau. It supports the Bureau’s work.
Step 6: Contact References
You should not be afraid to ask for references. Customers are often happy to offer a recommendation for an electrical contractor. If homeowner contacts you, you can return their favor. Ask:
* How did you do at work?
* Was your job done right first time?
* Did the electrician respond quickly and easily to requests for a second visit?
* Was the price of the company affordable?
* Was the electrician on-budget and on-time?
* Would your company continue to be an electrical contractor?
You should speak with at most three references. Listen for any enthusiasm or lack thereof about the electrician. Clients from the past and present may not be comfortable sharing any negative remarks. You should consider their negative comments or enthusiasm when making your decision.
A final tip: Do Not automatically choose the lowest bidding option
A bid could beThere are other options.Low. How can this be? An electrician may deliberately skip items required for the job only to later inform you that more work must be done. Some electricians may be unintentionally low-bid because they are inexperienced. In either case, the electrician might demand more money to complete the job or leave you without a completed project.
While price is important. However, it is important to consider the whole picture the electrician is showing you. This includes character, competence, ease of doing business with him/her, and overall value. A lot of the value of an electrician is their ability to complete the job safely and on time without disrupting your life. An electrician that is proficient in his/her trade can help save you money and save you electricity. Your electrician and you will save both time AND money if you build a strong relationship.