We present our solutions for Aerodromes, VISTA and POLARIS.
The Romanian Aeroclub together with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports all those who develop businesses in the field of General Aviation by organizing an exhibition of aircraft, components and services in the field.
The fair, in its 3rd edition, will take place between 18-19.09.2021 in Târgu Mureș, within the “Elie Carafoli” Territorial Aeroclub.
Admission is free for both exhibitors and visitors.
It will be possible to perform flights with exposed aircraft, which will not be acrobatic flights, with an aerial demonstration character. Visitors will be able to come with their own aircraft, the landing being free during the event.
For more details folow the Aero Expo Fest Facebook Page.
Signalight is part of Electromax, an important manufacturer of LED-based lighting, offering high quality products, www.electromax.ro. The company’s headquarters is located in Petrosani, a pittoresque town in Romania, in a modern facility with more than 50 employees.
We are a key lighting supplier to military, civilian and industrial contractors worldwide. We have a long professional engineering experience and have been working for over 20 years in the field of design, manufacturing and testing of high power LED lighting systems and solutions.
Signalight products are made in our production facility in Petrosani, Romania. We use OSRAM certified quality LED lighting, manufactured in-house, together with high quality materials such as anodized aluminum, polycarbonate, stainless steel. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies for lighting design, manufacturing and testing, including electronic design, optical solutions, thermal and mechanical simulations, photometry testing and many more.

Why choose Signalight

Our customizable systems come with exceptional value through a carefully thought set of services, aimed to assist you at every step: design, manufacturing, system setup, testing, validation, operation and maintenance.
We ensure flexibility and full technical support for integrating our solutions or even manufacturing lighting products according to customer requirements.

visit https://www.signalight.com/