It’s all too common for those planning a new website to assume that the web designers they decide to work with will automatically also handle other areas of design-like logo design, graphic design, and branding. A good website is designed first and foremost to perform and attract visitors from around the web, but naturally, it also needs to look great and sell the folks that are behind it.
As it stands, most good web designers simply are not proficient at graphic design and logo design. Many can do it just fine if necessary, but choose the field of web design for its own unique practices and principles.
The takeaway point here: Logo design and web design are two totally different fields of practice.
It’s fair to ask your web design team if they also do logo design. Again, some do and some don’t. Some will gladly manage the process and outsource the logo on your behalf to a third party graphic designer-a sub contractor. This may or may not be okay in your book, but it is important background information for you to have regardless.
So, what makes graphic design and logo design so different from web design?
Well, in essence, both logo design and graphic design have their roots in traditional print media. In other words, they were being done long before the advent of today’s world of digital technology. This is not to say that some designers with traditional print oriented backgrounds have not crossed over into the digital realm over the years-so many have done exactly this.
It does say though that there’s a big difference between pixels and print. Web design is really a matter of putting all of the graphics, code, and content together effectively to create a usable and functional finished product-the website if you will. But really, this is independent of the design process (especially so when you begin to get into web marketing practices like SEO and so on).
Some web designers are “backwards-compatible” with graphic design. They’re great at the design end of things and the tech end of things. Some are actually quite good at taking care of the entire design process from start to finish. But this should really never be taken for granted when looking to hire a web designer for your next project. Feel free to ask them about their design background-and if they do logos-but it’s important to not just expect it.
Remember, logo design and website design are two very different schools of thought. For simplicity and a more balanced, cohesive finished product, look for designers that are cross-proficient when it comes to all components of creating an awesome website Logost.UK