Lockers have become increasingly important during the Covid19 global pandemic as there is a move to reduce office space. As a result, more staff are working from home. Therefore only working in the office on a part-time basis there is a need for staff to store there laptop keyboard and small personal items. With the addition of the storage, lockers allow a large number of staff to work from the office on a part-time basis and still be able to meet the needs of the staff.

With the need to be able to accommodate more staff into smaller office space, it is essential to meet privacy and security needs. Therefore secure storage becomes more critical if staff are to feel comfortable in an office sharing environment.

There are several locker designs that can facilitate hot desking in the office. In addition, several locker manufacturers given sufficient volume will manufacture lockers to a design that meets your specific needs.

Specialist lockers can be supplied that both store and charge laptops or tablet computers. Typically they are provided with up to 15 compartments.

School lockers

School lockers are also vital in ensuring that pupils can keep social distancing and storing their items safely.


What lockers are available for use as school lockers, and how to choose the most appropriate product. Lockers can be categorised by the resistance to damage, cost, locking methods and suitability to the user.  You would not want the same height lockers for key stage 1 and 2 as you would for key stage 3 and 4. We at Total Locker Service can assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for you. We have a vast product portfolio available and can assist you in your selection or we can specify something specific.