Last Updated:
August 10, 2022

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Police Checks and Worker Checks – Share from your personal Portal is a briliant new platform that allows workers to conduct their police checks online, share their checks online to current or potential employers.
The platform is built on a proriteary blockchain platform  – meaning that all data is ultra secure.  It cannot be altered so you can be assured that any data in the police checks, VISA checks or any other check that is drawn from the worker checks blockchain platform – is 100% accurate and not altered.
Employers or organisations are offered a free business management account.  They can invite from 1- 10,000 workers to conduct police checks, International Police Checks at the touch of a button from their business account.  Checks can be sent as employee pays or businesses can buy credits and sent prepaid requests for employees to complete their police checks or other checks.
Currently, Worker Checks provide Australian Police Checks, International Police Checks and VEVO (right to work) VISA checks  on a simple, safe, blockchain secure platform.

All checks are:

– 100% online police check application process.
– Store and share your checks from your blockchain secure personal portal
– Free business account (employer or user pay)

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