Mussoorie is a small town in the district of Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand. To the south of this beautiful breathtaking hill station lies the Doon valley. The North and North East is surrounded by the Himalayas. There are several hill stations above Mussoorie which makes us alive and free. It is the hills where we find our ultimate peace of the soul. Transitioning from the daily cacophony of life we can sit back and contemplate over the very many things that we could have and will do differently. These hill stations are the ultimate powerhouse and the food for our souls.


Mountains Calling- Places to Visit in and Around Mussoorie

 Places to Visit

In the northern part of India, there are several hill stations to visit. If we take Mussoorie as the junction then we can easily reach several other hill stations above or below Mussoorie and enjoy ourselves. Here are some of the fantastic hill stations that we can visit. If you are eager to know as to how to plan a trip to the Mountains and when to do what, then worry not, TourTravelWorld is here to help you. The Mussoorie travel packages are available on our website as well and all details are very handy.

1. Shimla- 

If you want to visit any hill station and have not considered visiting Himachal’s capital Shimla as of yet then you are missing it big time and should start considering planning a trip to Shimla. The serenity of Shimla can take you back to your old days and provide a feeling of inner peace. You can also visit the mall and few other destinations in Shimla.


2. Chopta- 

This is a place in Uttarakhand and has to be in your hill stations near Mussoorie list. This is the ultimate paradise for the trekkers and has their basecamp over there. This is a safe place and can be easily enjoyed as a solo trip.


3.Nainital Lake-

The beauty of Nainital is magnificent and is second to none. Surrounded by seven hills in Uttarakhand this lake is one of the four lakes of the Kumaon Himalayas and is one of the most famous hill stations of India.


4. Lansdowne- 

Amidst the Garhwal Hills of Uttarakhand, there is situated a small town called the Lansdowne. There is not much to do in this place but the beauty of this place will make you feel things. If you want to find your spiritual self then you are sure to visit this small village of Garhwal.


5. Auli- 

This is a place where you go skiing. The apple plantations are bliss to the eyes and you can always visit Chenab Lake and the Trishul Peak that will calm your soul.


6. Dehradun- 

The queen of hills as said Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and is one of the most serene and blissful places to visit. If valleys can be so beautiful then Dehradun is the place to witness the beauty of valleys. There are several different types of places to visit in Dehradun and it is a must-visit place with family or friends.


7. Rishikesh- 

If you want to spiritually pros[er then Rishikesh is the place you need to be. Surrounded by hills and river Ganga you will feel a power within yourself and it is a trip where you can surely rediscover yourself.



Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas Tehri is one of the most pristine and serene lands to be in. it is one of the most beautiful and serene spots and this place can be accessible by old people as well because this place is less elevated compared to the other spots discussed above.



 India is a land of Gods and Haridwar is the gateway of this land of Gods. This is the place where you can run for total spiritual rejuvenation. Haridwar is well known as a religious spot and is frequently visited by the elderly citizens of India.




If you want to get a view of the Himalayas all together then Danaulti is the place you have to be. This is an eco-tourism spot and there are several eco-tourism huts in Dhanauti. This place takes back to that raw village feels and visiting this place is a very different feeling.

These are the ten best-picked places. Some of these hill stations are below Mussoorie whereas some of them lie mich above Mussorie. These are the best places you can visit in Mussoorie or around Mussorie. In case you want to know more about each of these places then you can check out our blogs and can choose your destination.

Visiting Times

If you are visiting Mussoorie with family then March to June is the ideal time to visit. Howsoever after June till August or September, it is monsoon and the weather stays a bit grumpy with very little sunlight. After that is the time for snowfall and the scenic beauty from October end till mid- Feb is just spectacular. Therefore summer vacations in May can be the best time to visit the Himalayas.