Keem sushi is one of the most promising delivery restaurants in the southern sector of Santiago, specifically the commune of San Miguel, where its flavor and quality are the subject of conversation for its customers. In less than a year of operation, it has been able to position and deliver to its customers that taste of enjoying a unique and incomparable flavor. simply an invitation to taste their nikkei


Why Keem Sushi is So Special

The story of Keem sushi started when two young Japanese entrepreneurs – Hiromu and Kai – decided to travel in Mexico and discovered that many Japanese restaurants were only available in the cities and very few in the regions. The feeling of unfamiliarity and the lack of good options prompted them to build their own sushi restaurant that could be easy to access for all people in every corner of Santiago, whatever their income, race, and culture. With the self-determined goal to offer an authentic Japanese experience, they designed and crafted their sushi restaurant, applying the necessary procedures and technologies that make it possible for them to reproduce Japanese recipes and cook the fish exactly as it is in Japan.


The Art of Nikkei

It is known for its diverse flavors and its prepared nikkei, as well as for its original production processes. “We’re not only about sushi, we’re about San Miguel. Our production is best-in-class, and the rice and the nikkei are very different. San Miguel is not a seafood place, so we don’t have a lot of traditional seafood. What we offer is prepared nikkei. Sushi rice is usually prepared at the other locations, and it’s the best rice in Chile,” says Chef Perez. The Keem sushi’s unique production processes are related to food science: According to Keem chef Perez, they boil the rice 10 to 15 times, with a unique oven that has a special self-cleaning cycle. “It ensures a certain crust of grains, which is characteristic of the nikkei we prepare,” he says.


How to Enjoy the Magic of Nikkei

For those who are not familiar with the taste of Nikkei, it is the result of well-marbled Japanese Kobe beef, sea urchin, uni, green tea, crispy soy nuts, avocado, sakura ebi and other Japanese delicacies and ingredients from restaurants that were once unknown to the world and are now widely known, and that consumers choose at keemsushi for the sake of enjoying, truly immerse in the sensation of great flavor. In this case, Keemsushi developed the creativity to think outside the box to develop a dish that includes nikkei from popular establishments. In this particular case, keemsushi included only the essential ingredients of a Japanese meal and created the dish to show what the full body experience can be.



Santiago is a wonderful city, full of both rich cultural heritage and modern conveniences. Some of its characteristics include its colorful buildings, sprawling parks, night life, and much more. According to statistics, as of 2011, Santiago has nearly 4 million inhabitants, making it the country’s second most populated city after Valparaiso and one of the main ports of Chile. The city is known for its delicious, excellent, and fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine and tequila, high quality beef and other meat, and of course the famous nikkei.