The year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us. Let’s say the jewelry industry was also not an exception. Maybe for the first time digital platforms got the highest spike in sales, even for gold, diamond, or expensive jewelry. If you can recall a little bit of 20202, at least all the fashion lovers will remind of Louis Vuitton’s new venture LV Volt, a luxurious unisex jewelry, that features the signature LV design on the bracelet, necklace, rings, and pendants. With bold and striking contours, coherent designs, and geometrical relics this unisex jewelry collection evokes the charm and value of gender fluidity. Gone are those days when jewelry was just used as a woman’s body adornment. Name any kind of eminent fashion week like Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week, you will hardly see men not wearing at least one kind of jewelry. 

By bringing gender neutrality into the picture the recent iconic jewelry brands are trying to eliminate the stereotypical preconceived notions from our society. Keeping the pace with time, today’s accessories are mostly designed to portray gender-fluidity. Today’s unisex jewelry is a clear example and message towards the upcoming generation to think of jewelry choices as a positive and subjective matter. Unisex jewelry could be one of the compelling trends in today’s scenario, which is taking a step forward to grab the driving seat. 

Unisex jewelry is a form of art that has completely diminished the oxymorons of daily fashion. Right now people are not at all seeing jewelry as a matter of masculinity or femininity. Considering all the societal, personal, and professional factors, men and women are right now the same. In fact, there are lots of brands, who are investing their idea in mankind a fusion culture producing unisex  gold religious necklace; a Christian cross or a Virgin Mary medallion is one of the most used gender-neutral pendants. Be it at home or work both men and women have taken a pledge to lead their lifestyle based on their choices. So why is jewelry an exception in this case?

Remember, the recent BRIT and Grammy Awards? For the first time, we saw Harry Styles prevailing the new-age fashion with pearl strings. Even in Grammy too Shawn Mendes and Jonas Brothers opted for an unexceptional look with pearl necklaces. With a rich color palette and ultra-graphic lines, this genderless jewelry has become the hot-baked brownie, whose aroma is attracting most people. There are jewelry brands galore across the globe, who provide the maximum range of versatile choices under unisex jewelry. Right now, it won’t be tough for you to see men wearing a unisex cross necklace, especially on occasions like marriage, engagement, anniversary, or proposals. During the recent report by Natural Diamond Council (NDC), it was clear that nowadays men and women are wearing the same kind of jewelry every day. 

The experts believe that the graph of the unisex jewelry is continuously approaching the highest positions. Going beyond colors and patterns today’s consumers are affiliating the appreciating the effort to strive the equilibrium in unisex jewelry. A piece of unisex jewelry represents equality, individuality, and inclusivity. If all of us out there start embracing this trend even for a fraction of a second then there will be an inevitable growth in the jewelry market.