With the official start of summer just beginning this last weekend, comes the usually discussed debate of insectifuge sprays versus insectifuge wipes.

With the now, constant threats of West Nile Virus and Lyme disease on the increase , many individuals are staking their positions.

In addition to those primary concerns is that the simple incontrovertible fact that bugs carry bacteria and with insect bites come bug-borne illness.

Albeit, the typical illness, if you’ll , may only culminate into an uncomfortable rash or skin irritation. So, the thought of misting your children during a daily chemical fog may prove equally uncomfortable.

I for one, perk up like Pavlov dog once I hear the sliding screen open any time after 5PM. this is often followed by a “drill sergeant” type questioning of my children; “Where are you going?” “Did you set on bug spray?” No. “Come back in and assume the position!”

This is followed by two minutes of spraying any portions of exposed skin, behind the neck and under the shirts on the stomach and backs of my children.

They usually make a face then do I. My face is one among smug satisfaction, that for a couple of short hours, I even have outsmarted every mosquito in my immediate area.

My children on the opposite hand, walk outside during a temporary sticking mess, counting on the products we’ve used.

In the past, I’ve tried sprays, lotions and oils to stay my children from becoming a meal for mosquito’s and ticks.

Of late, I even have recently become a lover for insectifuge wipes. The wipes are compact and may fit easily in my pocket or purse, so once we aren’t reception , there’s not that verboten sense of urgency to urge to our destination without the tiny added additional worry.

Still many of my friends agree that they might wish to limit their children’s’ exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

So i made a decision to require a glance at the pros and cons of insectifuge sprays versus insectifuge wipes.

Here are the Pros of why you ought to Use an insectifuge Spray

• Sprays have more options including DEET, soy-based bite blockers, flavorer and essential oil .
• Protection can last up to 90 minutes per use
• are often used on children over 6 years old
• are often unscented for persons with smell sensitivities

Here are the Cons of why you ought to hold Off on insectifuge Sprays

• Some natural oils like citronella and peppermint are often less effective
• counting on the brand, you’ll need to re-apply every 30-90 minutes
• Some oils could also be toxic if ingested accidentally via aerosol
• Sprays containing quite 30% of DEET are often toxic to children and pets

Here are the Pros of why you employ insectifuge Wipes

• insectifuge Wipes are individual wrapped. One packet usually covers alittle child
• TSA friendly. you’ll carry wipes to a vacation destination rather than using questionable local products.
• Contains far but 30% DEET per individual pack
• doesn’t spill or leak
• Can workout to 2 hours per application

Here are the Cons of why you ought to hold off on insectifuge Wipes

• Adults may require up to 2 wipes for full coverage
• Reapplication needed after swimming or any water sports
• Sold in smaller quantities, from 3pk to 48pks
• Not recommended for youngsters under 2 months old
• Can cause skin irritation in certain people

So how will you personally weigh the danger of insects this summer? Will you base your decision on chemicals or the shortage thereof?

Will you decide for the all-natural versions of insect repellents and re-apply often? Maybe you’ve decided to limit the time you spend outdoors this summer.

What about your summer vacation? Are mosquito’s an equivalent everywhere? Will your current insectifuge work everywhere you are?

These are valid inquiries to ask yourself whenever you scratch that spot on the rear of your knee.

Sampling products early within the season to work out what works best for your family may be a great option. If you discover a sprig that you simply like and works well for your family, you’ll want to seek out out if there’s a travel size that meets federal TSA regulations, in order that you’ll have it on vacation with you.

Even if there are not any smaller sizes available, you’ll easily pack your favorite insectifuge in your suitcase and hope that your luggage makes it to your destination once you do.

Call me a “Nervous Nancy” but where my kids are concerned, I tend to double down on protection when outside of my usual routine.

So, my carry-on will contain insectifuge wipes also as a bottle of our favourite repellent spray.

I simply just like the convenience of “moms’ little bag of tricks” and being prepared for any eventuality, including the very fact that even when traveling inside the U.S., many stores and chain don’t carry an equivalent products.

Natural bug sprays and wipes aren’t the sole nontoxic ways in which you’ll fight back against mosquito bites and other bugs. But during this day and age, you’ve got tons of choices. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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