Instagram is constantly evolving, its algorithm is changing, and the number of its users is constantly growing. All this makes it more and more difficult to achieve really high ranges of posts on Instagram posts. Check how to act at the turn of 2020 and 2021 to be effectively visible on Insta!

What are Instagram reach?

Instagram reach is simply the number of people who will see your content. There are paid reach, i.e. based on buying ads, and organic reach – i.e. natural, free, resulting from e.g. with published content and the use of appropriate hashtags.

Organic reach is harder to increase, but it is definitely more beneficial in terms of business – it simply converts better than paid ads. What steps should be taken for the organic reach to grow?

Instagram algorithm and ranges

What and how is displayed on Instagram depends on the algorithm. Posts that have a high user engagement rate are promoted. What is the most important for the algorithm?

  • user interest – publish attractive content tailored to the target group – so that followers spend as much time as possible on your profile, leave likes and comments,
  • publication time – although the posts are not displayed chronologically, newer content has a greater chance of appearing at a given moment – so you should choose the publication time so that it fits the needs of your target group,
  • interactions – their level should be constant, so if you plan to buy Instagram likes UK, choose an offer where they are added gradually, over a long period; It’s also important that the interactions are meaningful and natural – if you have a local profile, UK likes on Instagram are a better investment than likes from abroad.

How to increase organic ranges?

In order to increase the organic reach, interactions are needed – Instagram likes, comments, or followers as the main ranking factors. So your actions must be focused on gaining valuable interactions. How to get Instagram likes and comments? Here are some ways to get them!

Engaging content at the right time

Do you want to get likes? Publish! Adapt your content to the target group and ensure the appropriate publication time. Content that gets a lot of likes shortly after publication has a much greater chance of a higher position in the feed!

Hashtags and geolocation

Use hashtags wisely – they should be as relevant to the content as possible. Do not overdo it with their amount – ideally, add 10-15 of them. In addition to hashtags, it is also worth using the potential of geolocation – to reach users searching for specific locations.

Buy Instagram likes

A simple method to quickly get many likes – but you should carefully select offers so that the likes obtained in this way affect. Do you run a local Instagram? Likes from the UK should be your main purchase.

Paid and free Instagram followers

In addition to likes, it is also worth investing in followers. You can buy them – when choosing an Instagram offer, follow the same criteria as for likes – or try to get them for free. The most popular methods are portals and applications in which you receive followers for performing specific actions (e.g. filling out surveys). Another way is to use fan pages that gather people, ready to follow Insta profiles in exchange for following or liking their own account.

However, both methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive – buying Instagram followers UK will be a much faster solution!