Are you looking for a job in sales and marketing? Before you start to send in your applications and delve into interviews, it is a good idea to make sure that you are picking the right roles for you. Landing the right role will put you into a job that you love, which will benefit both yourself and the company that you will be working for. The best work always gets done by the employees who enjoy their jobs. 

To help you to pick the right sales and marketing job, this article will outline the various roles that are out there, what they include and who would be the best candidate for the job.

Account manager

Account managers work in sales departments and are the first point of contact for their clients. The job typically involves liaising with clients, identifying client needs, writing up proposals and chasing up requests. 

As this role is fairly customer focused, good candidates will have great communication and organisation skills, as well as the ability to remain professional in the face of dilemmas. 

Beauty sales

Roles in the beauty industry are highly sought after by beauty enthusiasts and sales experts alike. The roles vary from entry-level positions as representatives to senior management. 

Jobs in the beauty industry can be hard to get into and often require a good level of product knowledge or experience. Candidates will also be expected to have good customer service skills, an outgoing personality, the ability to work with targets and great organisation skills. 

Software sales

Software sales is a great role for anyone who is interested in computing but does not want to be stuck at a desk all day. This role requires individuals to communicate knowledge to customers with the aim of selling various software products. 

Software sales candidates need to be technically-minded, friendly, organised and great at communication. If you have what it takes, you may be able to work towards a more senior position.

FCMG sales roles

FCMG stands for ‘Fast Moving Consumer Goods’ and the role involves selling almost anything from toiletries to electronics. As an FCMG salesperson, your career will be varied and you will find yourself learning a lot as you go.

The ideal candidate will be a fast learner and will have the ability to sell any product that is put in front of them. You will also have to be a confident communicator and motivated to reach sales goals. 

Telesales roles

Telesales is the starting point for many sales professionals. It involves selling products to customers over the phone and acting as a knowledgeable representative for the business.

People applying for telesales should have strong communication skills and a clear voice. Candidates should also have a resilient mindset with the ability to keep going even when no sales are made. 

Technical sales roles

Technical sales roles have huge potential for growth and are perfect for graduates who want to start climbing the ladder to more senior roles in technology. Technical sales roles require specific subject knowledge, gained from studying STEM subjects. 

Candidates will be expected to communicate technological facts to customers and to sell technology products. It will be helpful to have great communication skills, confidence and subject knowledge. 

Digital marketing roles

Digital marketing jobs involve the creation and execution of marketing campaigns for companies in a variety of industries. You may find yourself working on a makeup campaign or for a technology company. 

To apply for this role, you should have great knowledge of digital marketing strategies and advertising. You should also feel confident using computers and will have excellent organisational skills. 

E-commerce sales roles

E-commerce sales roles allow employees to work remotely, selling products online to customers. Roles within e-commerce sales include sales advisers, e-commerce executives and e-commerce managers. 

To succeed in this industry, you will need to have brilliant written communication skills (as well as verbal communication), digital know-how and great organisation. 

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