As a male You’ve witnessed it. You’ve seen a man enter and grab the girl. That’s right, the one you desired. In addition to the stress, you stood therewith your with your mouth open thinking about what is he got that you don’t. The answer is easy:


It’s not that easy You say? It’s actually easy. If you’re looking to be attractive to women, then you must have confidence.

A confident person is an enormous attraction for women – any woman. I guarantee you that if you’re looking for ways to attract women to bed it’s time to work on your confidence.

All men experience doubts about their confidence from time to moment, but it’s the confident person who can move past his personal shortcomings and criticisms. Also do not dwell about the mistakes of your past. If you do, it will make your confidence level go to a downwards spiral.

What are the traits of a man who is confident?

A confident person always creates a good impression with every woman that he meets. He first looks attractive by being well-groomed. This means that he is always presentable wearing clean and unworn clothes shaving face, neatly cut beard, well-combed and styled hair, teeth that are brushed, and fresh breath. (Bad breath can end your chances of success before you start.)

Before you even speak to an individual take a moment to let her see your smile. It lets her know that you’re a pleasant and cheerful person. She will notice your smile and how well-groomed and immediately have a positive opinion of your appearance. Before you open your mouth to talk you’ve created an excellent first impression.

Here is when you show her that you’re confident and self-confident. Don’t slouch or put your hands into your pockets. Instead, stand straight, with your hands on your sides. You stare her straight in the eyes. Do not look away from her or focus your eyes on the area around you. Do not appear nervous or nervous.

Okay, but how can this help me increase my appeal for women?

I was sure you’d never bother!

If you project an aura of confidence, she’ll attract you like moths to flames. Again, women are attracted to confident men. Research has proven that the number one thing women seek in an individual is the manner in which the man “carries himself.” This is the direct result of having confidence in himself.

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