A pre-flight check is important when lying your drone. It is basically a list of tasks before you fly your drone. For example make sure your batteries are well charged and you have all of the equipment, and more. It helps that you dont forget something and damage your drone.
Have a Case or Backpack for your drone
It is important to always have a case or backpack for your drone – it guarantees the safety of your drone while your travel.
Take care of your Batteries
Your batteries are important because they keep your drone in the air!
Some tips:
Fly only then they are fully charged
Remove your battries when not flying
Take your batteries off charge after 2 days
Dont fully drain your batteries
Dont use damaged battries
Take care of your batteries!
Always check if your software is up-to-date.
If your firmware is not updated it could cause problems.
Are your propellers in good shape
Your propellers are very important. If they are damaged in any way replace them.
Keep your motors clean
Maintaining your motors are crucial. After flying remove the propellers and remove dust, debris that could be between the motors.
Flying conditions
Always fly in good conditions which is usually stated in your user manual.
Fog, snow and heavy rain can damage your drone.
Regularly clean your drone
Remove debris, sand, grass and dirt stuck in your motors.
Also clean the body of your drone.
It is also advisable to keep spares like spare batteries, soldering iron, propellers and toolkit..
Happy flying!
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