Here are some easy steps to be more environmentally friendly at home:

Buy antique products of high quality

Brands such as Royal Copenhagen (luxury porcelain) have existed for more than 240 years. Because of it’s high quality it is still quite easy to find dinnerware that are more than 100 years old. And it still looks like it was produced yesterday. Buy antique dinnerware and contribute to the environment instead of buying new. The timeless design of Royal Copenhagen Musselmalet or Royal Copenhagen Blå Blomst is a sure winner and it fits perfectly in any home.

Georg Jensen, a world renown brand for silver cutlery and other silver items. The brand has also lasted for more than a century because of its products with timeless design and high quality. Pick up some beautiful cutlery and contribute to a better environment today.

Ceramics – Vases, candle lights, bowls and more. Brands like Bjørn Wiinblad, Rörstrand, Royal Copenhagen and Kähler. If you are careful the products will last more than a lifetime.

Never throw away your old dinnerware or cutlery

Your rubbish is other peoples gold. Ask antique shops if they want to buy your old dinnerware or cutlery, you might fetch a good price for your products. Or maybe try to sell it on ebay. If everything fails you can always give it away for free. This way you will contribute to a better environment also.

Buy your antique products from online sites which are co2 neutral

Some sites are co2 neutral, such as – you can do your environmentally safe shopping here. The company sponsors planting of new trees and supports other environmental projects.