jewelry for men

Modern men in this new era pay more attention to their outward and aesthetic appearance. In the recent past, a man who wore jewelry was usually a “necklace, wristwatch or ring. However, this is no longer the case. Some men wear a nose ring, a navel earring or an eyebrow earring. Fashion dictates that men wear jewelry with some mark. The same, for example, a man with a jewel in an arrow piercing – a hunting characteristic, while a pendant of a necklace with a dolphin symbol represents a love of nature.

There is a lot of jewelry for mens. most of them like to buy male bracelet (砖专砖专转 诇讙讘专  ).

Men’s jewelry is usually: a luxury watch, preferably of a well-known and reputable brand. Fashionable gold ring – specifically on the little finger. It is not clear why the trend of these men’s rings was born. If you look closely at a well-groomed person – you will see a ring on the little finger. Men are very fond of necklaces. Pure gold or silver necklaces. Sometimes the necklace is a combination of a beautiful and small pendant. Large necklace pendant – is vulgar and unfashionable.

Another cool men’s piece of jewelry is a bracelet. There are so many types, and also different materials from which these jewelry are made. A 14K silver or gold bracelet is most in demand among young people. The bracelet is made of interlocking links. The length of a bracelet for men ranges from 18 CM to 24 CM . To watch jewellery  you can visit us . There are also leather bracelets combined with stainless metal or 18K gold-filled, you can engrave on the bracelet a few words or a number that characterizes the date of birth and mole.