Technology has influenced us. We are living in a society in which technology has overpowered us. All of our day-to-day activities are completely dependent on it. All of our essentials are connected with the help of technology. From the car we drive to the phone we use we are controlled by it. The question that has to be asked is, how does this affect our kids?

There are many reasons we can think why technology has a bad effect on kids. But we have to accept the fact that we cannot live without them. We are completely dependent, but we can control it to an extent.

How does technology effects kids?

1.Drain’s energy

Usage of mobile phone and tab can be a wastage of energy. A kid who spends more time on a smartphone likely to feel exhausted by the end of the day. It will affect your productivity. this can mess up with your studies

2.Critical thinking

Studies say that high usage of mobile phones can destroy our ability of critical thinking

Critical thinking can be developed by communication skills. Usage of gadgets can be a threat to that.


Addictive usage of gadgets is one of the main disadvantages. This can be a real problem for your kids. Your kids can be addicted to certain games or programme. This can affect your kid’s mental health and could create physical issues like headache and eye problem.


Kids who spend more time with gadgets can end up being obese. It is very known in the new generations. If you spend more than 3 hours on a device it can lead to many more issues than obesity. It could cause even depression.

5.Detachment from family

Due to the involvement of technology in our life. We intend to less value about the relationship. We intend to live in a virtual world and we disconnect from our families. It is not healthy behaviour. Especially when this behaviour is on a young mind. It can cause a real issue in the family

How to make good use of technology

It is important that your kids have access to technology yet they don’t overuse it. Studies state kids who are exposed to mobile phones and technology at a young age will have a negative impact on their academic career. However, it is important that your kids have proper exposer to offline activities.

Give children toys to play with, without giving them a mobile phone. That way you can recognize the changes evolving in them. For those people who are in Qatar will probabily know about Qasouq, the leading online kids toys store. Online shoppers from Doha, Qatar are benefitted from Qasouq’s customer service and quick product delivery

Encouraging the kids to play with creative toys will help them to grow their mental health and their creativity.