How graphic design is different from web design?

Graphic designing and web designing! Is there any difference? Do they require different skill set? These questions are often raised among people. Both web design and graphic design involve designing for the visual communication. They share few similarities, on the contrary few key differences too.  

UAE is an inspiring digital destination, where web and graphics are significant to enrich your business. Luckily, Dubai and Abu Dhabi provides one of the best graphic design and web design services. Design has a huge impact on your brand or business. Good web design solidifies the company’s credibility whereas graphic design portrays your brand.

What is web design?

Web design firms in Dubai focus on planning the user-experience according to the customer needs. So, it’s nothing but designing the visual look and feel of the website. Web designer organize the wireframe layouts, content, and images that depicts the brand story and finally, include UI elements. Web designing also includes fundamental graphic design elements like how to use color, fonts, layout and hierarchy while working on the UI.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design combines typography with photos to illustrate or present an idea. Usually, web design agencies also work on graphic elements like logos and print design. Print designs include brochures, magazine, packaging, magazine cover, and more. Nowadays, graphic design creates more digital assets for web and email. The graphic designers master elements like color theory, typography, visual hierarchy, and other layouts.

Graphic design and web design, what is the difference?

Dynamic in nature

Both graphic design and web design display beautiful visuals! But, web is more dynamic and the other tends to be less interactive.

Graphic design is permanent, but still it depends on the artistic assembly of images, text, and other graphics. It tells a story and communicates users with a brand message.

Web design has a large visual design discipline. Most of the web design firms work on amazing experiences to interact with people. Web designers also work on some graphic design elements like illustrations and iconography, but they fit all these into a creative and usable design.

Moreover, UAE audiences always look for innovative designs. So, professionals typically design based viewers including interactive elements and enhance user’s journey.

Technical expertise

Technical skills also define a graphic designer and web designer. Most of the web designing firms has designers with strong expertise in handling client requirements.

Web designers are familiar with HTML, CSS and other designs that work on web. Graphic designers have expertise in handling Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and other related skills.

File size and load times

Web design services are always concerned with optimization. Especially, Dubai has a potential audience group, who look on to loading time. All the images, motion graphics, and other animations should be small enough and load quickly on all devices. Increased loading time is a bad user experience and results with high bounce rates.

On the other hand, graphic designers care about the file size. It may be crucial when they fit that huge promotional banner into a compact picture.

Typography hurdles

Graphic design includes much of typography and so, designers are capable enough to work on it. Instead, they don’t have to worry much about the final deliverables.

Web designing, however, should consider how text will display on changing devices and browsers. The font-face rule in CSS allows wide array of font choices. Certain applications also support web designers in UAE to work on a broader typography palette.

Broad application of designs

Most of the graphic designers work within concrete specifications. But, Dubai or Abu Dhabi is vibrant destination and so, they create innovative designs more than a simple square hole.

Web design agencies scale up all the design elements like typography, images and other visual effects. UAE has incredible business competition. So, these companies make it readable with amazing user-experience and responsive nature. The designers are confined to essential elements and ensure consistent user experience.

Ongoing caregivers

Web design companies create dynamic websites that goes through continuous changes. As per the latest innovations, call to actions and content may be rewritten or updated to increase conversions. Web designers forecast how website might grow and allocate space to accommodate these changes.

While graphic designers focus on creativity, web designers are concerned with design function or other parts of the system.

Ongoing relationship with audience

Web design companies work on innovative websites that create a strong relationship with the audience in UAE. Web designers get the right feedback about the success and failures of the design through Google analytics. They always think about the actions to improve number of conversions. Web designs are bound to bounce rates, popular content, and keyword referrals, this figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Graphic design is a single image portrayal. It proclaims your brand image but doesn’t create a long-lasting relationship.

Web designer work with developers

Good communication skill is necessary for a web designer and graphic designer. Every project in UAE has its own expectations. It may be digital or expertise in print media.

So, all these designers are often capable of working with integrate feedback and quick updations.

In most of the case, web designers work with developers to translate their design into functional codes. Both should work with a team and understand the design intricacies. Web designing firms evaluate the design possibilities yet overcome their limitations with technology and communication.

Graphic designers are the only artist behind their creative work. They execute their vision with original goals in mind.  

Web or graphic – creativity is a greatest design

Web design and graphic design, both visual mediums are good to communicate among the UAE audience.

Dubai or Abu Dhabi stays up-to-date with the changing design trends. So, it’s important to stay on top by mastering the design fundamentals and other latest technologies.

Most of the web design companies work on creative web and graphic solutions that reflect today’s trends. These designs keep your business growing with the next generation. Although both are different, they combine to achieve a well-defined website and branding solution!