Be a smart consumer when shopping for memory-care or dementia services. Frugality is a great way to save money in these difficult times. If you don’t try to cut back on your spending, you might find yourself in a difficult situation when you search for an Alzheimer’s or dementia care facility.
Avoid marketing buzz words
1. Nursing Services 24/7 – Does this refer to an on-site nurse available 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine? Does this mean that the nurse is available after they have left the building at 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday? It is very different to have a qualified nurse on call who can quickly respond to a problem.
2. No down payment, first month free – Make sure to read the fine print. These sounds great, but they are still business. Are there additional fees when the level of care is increased? Learn how pricing changes when care is needed more frequently. You may be charged an additional fee if your loved one needs assistance with dressing, bathing, medication, or other daily tasks.
3. 3.Dedicated staff – What is the staffing ratio? A good industry standard for assisted living is one (1) qualified staff member per eight (8) residents with dementia. Do the Care staff have Dementia training? What is the training? While there are not yet any national standards for Alzheimer’s care, it is a good idea to have a staff training program. Ask them for details. It is not necessary for a new employee that they watch a 2-hour video on dementia. This is not the same thing as if the employee has received more extensive training and a certificate. Ask if staff are provided with ongoing training throughout the year. Memory care information is constantly changing. Staff should be provided with continuous training and information, as new methods are developed.
4. Nutritious Snacks and Meals – Enjoy their food! You can schedule a lunch or dinner tour, and then stay for a meal. Ask for examples of the menus from their previous months. Are they using fresh fruits and vegetables? Do they have snacks that are available 24 hours a day or locked away for staff members to access? Seniors with Alzheimer’s need to eat an extra 1,500 calories each day in order to maintain a healthy weight. Access to fresh, healthy snacks is vital. Do they sell pre-packaged snacks like chips, cookies, and high-fat snacks? Ask to see their snack selection!
Canna Shops is a difficult decision to make when searching for a long-term arrangement for your family member with memory impairment. Make sure you are savvy. Ask questions. You are the customer. Ask yourself why you don’t see the community being forthcoming about their operational procedures.
Although marketing buzz words may look great on paper, they are not useful if used in practice.