I’ve loved music since I was 10, and I was interested in music at an early age. At 16 I sang in various bands.

From rock and pop to heavy metal everything was there.

At the age of 23 I opened my first CD / LP store in Kiel.

Time and again, as a DJ, I have celebrated my appearances privately and from friends.

I gave up my singing career in my bands sometime 15 years ago because I had too much to do with my DJ appointments. And ran out of time on the weekend.

For almost 20 years now

I am a professional wedding and event DJ in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

As you can tell, my professional career is all about music.

So I can serve all types of music and, as a wedding DJ, I know exactly which music is right for you and your guests.

During the week I run an online trade with music accessories, musical instruments and DJ accessories, so you can be sure that the technology at your wedding is high-quality and appealing with sound.

What kind of music do I listen to privately:

I actually love almost every genre of music, the main thing is that it is good.

I like to hear the current charts
Techno house trance
But also rock and pop and sometimes rock techno or heavy metal.
But through my DJ job I also found the new hit music for myself.
So Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer are no strangers to me either and I can enjoy them.
I know the eighties nineties as well as other genres of music.
R&B and rap of course what I’m not really into is this new gangster rap where it’s all about drugs and rape. Unfortunately, that’s not my thing and I would only play these songs on special request and then only selected songs.

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