A lot of people have differing opinions and perspectives on compatible cartridges for toner. Others do not know much regarding compatible cartridges. Toner Cartridges  As a sole user of compatible cartridges for 15 years, I’ve found some things that aren’t factual. I’d like to go over five myths or misinformation that people may have regarding compatible laser cartridges. We must distinguish between fiction and fact.

Myth The #1 Compatible Toner Cartridges can be described as low-cost cartridges.

It’s the case that compatible cartridge is affordable in cost. However, it’s not a low-cost toner cartridge. A compatible cartridge is a brand new toner cartridge made by a third-party. It is composed of all new components. It is filled with exactly the toner you need to print on printing with your laser. The majority of companies offer a one-year 100% refund guarantee on their compatible cartridges for toner. You can typically purchase a compatible cartridge for less than half the price of an OEM toner cartridge.

Myth #2: Using the Compatible Toner Cartridge can void my printer warranty.

It’s not the case. Actually, congress passed a law that made it illegal for manufacturers to make you to purchase certain items. If permitted, this could create a monopoly that would result in expensive prices and no competition. Here is an example the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act”. This is your guarantee that your printer’s warranty is not voided.

United States Code Annotated
Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties
15 Section 2302

“(c) A warrantor for an item for consumers can make a condition of his implied or written warranty on the user’s use of the product, any product or service (other than the service or article that is free pursuant to the terms of the warranty) that is identified with a the brand, trade or corporate name; however, the provisions of this subsection may is removed by the commission if:

1.) The warrantor proves to that Commission that the product warranted is functional only when the product or service described is utilized with the warranted product and

2.) 2) The Commission determines that an exemption can be considered to be in the interest of the public.”

Myth #3: A compatible toner Cartridge could damage my printer.

It is true that the toner cartridge will do nothing to harm the laser printer. It’s possible, but extremely unlikely that a cartridge with a toner inside it will leak, causing streaks to appear across your printed material. But, a simple clean or replacement cartridge can resolve the issue.

In the fifteen years I’ve been using compatible cartridges for toner, I’ve had only one incident when the cartridge was not up to my expectations. I contacted the company, and they sent me a replacement cartridge the following day. I learned that it’s crucial to buy your cartridges from reliable toner manufacturers. How many of them have shipped you an entirely new product the following day with no issues?

Myth #4 Compatible Toner Cartridges print poor quality prints.

One of my first concerns when purchasing a compatible cartridge was the quality of print wasn’t as great. When I tried my first compatible cartridge, it printed with incredibly high-quality prints. I was worried it would not last. I was mistaken. Actually I managed to get more page prints with this cartridge that I printed with my first cartridge. After a lot of research, I discovered that many cartridges aren’t completely filled with toner at the time you buy them. I purchased one from a business which had filled the cartridge. Hence, I got more pages.

To be fair to the big printers, I’d like to make one point clear. I have used OEM toner cartridges for a number of years. I printed only the number of pages the manufacturer claimed to print. There was no deceit in their marketing. They simply didn’t fully fill their cartridges with toner with enough ink.