Eicher Truck is the most effective truck in the market. It comes from the house of Eicher Motors, which is famous for its commercial vehicles. They always provide trucks with advanced technical solutions for high performance. It is a superb company that made an irreplaceable place in the customer’s heart. Eicher Motors offers trucks in broad categories that include trucks, tippers, tractors and transit mixers. They provide trucks in diesel and CNG categories. They also fix Eicher Truck Price according to the market price. 
Along with this, they manufactured trucks after following the BS VI emission norm. Below, we are going to show Top Eicher Trucks with their exclusive features and price. Check that out. 

Top Eicher Truck Models

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck

Eicher Pro 2049 Truck is a fabulous truck made under the shelter of Eicher Motors. It has 100 HP of power, 3 engine cylinders that generate 285 NM Max Torque. The tractor comes with 4 no. of tyres and 60 Ltr. of large fuel tank capacity. Its GVW is 4995 and has E 366, 4 Valve 2 Liter CRS engine. Eicher Pro 2049 Truck price is Rs. 10.49 Lakh – 10.59 Lakh.

Eicher Pro 3015 Truck

Eicher Pro 3015 Truck is the second truck in this list. It comes with 160 HP of power, 4 engine cylinders that generate 500 NM. The tractor manufactures with E494 4 Valve 3.8 Liter CRS engine and BS VI engine norms. Eicher Pro 3015 Truck price is Rs. 23.64 Lakh – 25.88 Lakh. 
These are all about Eicher Truck and Eicher Truck Price. For more information, stay connected with Truck Junction.