In this modern era , there are many an writer who ventures into the realm of freelance writing and got started as an SEO content writer. While it’s relatively a neater field to start out with than say, the more lucrative field of copy writing, a number of these budding writers have “lost the plot” of what’s required of them as an SEO writer. Here are the three things that SEO companies/clients will always look out for.

A freelance SEO writer MUST understand what program optimization writing is about.

  • Although this is often a reasonably obvious statement, there are some writers out there who don’t fully grasped the aim of an SEO content. At the danger of being blunt, a content is optimized in order that it ranks well within the program . the way to achieve this? Use the right keywords and keyword phrases within the content.

A freelance SEO writer MUST be ready to write well, not exceptionally well, just reasonably well.

  • Usage of the right keywords in an SEO content piece is in fact mandatory. However, it’s just bad judgment to only liberally peppering the entire article with these keywords without making it readable. There are quite number of freelance SEO writers out there that just cramp every keywords in, which made their articles looks totally gibberish. There has got to be a particular level of creativity also , when using keyword phrases that are sometimes grammatically wrong. Readable and interesting , those are the items to recollect .

A freelance SEO writer MUST be ready to stick with a deadline. No compromise!

  • There are not any choices during this matter. Always stick with the deadline! If somehow you cannot adhere thereto due to some unforeseen circumstances, ask the people that hired you. Most would understand as long because it is valid. But be prepared to lose that specific work. Don’t make promises you cannot keep and do not be greedy. you’ll find yourself with quite you’ll chew and lose tons of future projects too.

There you’ve got it, the three most vital things that the majority SEO companies and clients search for during a freelance SEO writer. As long as you stick with these requirements, there’s absolutely no reason for not securing compute there. Your ability and reliability as a content writer are going to be known once you are doing a couple of projects for your clients.