There are many types of marijuana, with each one having distinct qualities. Certain varieties of cannabis have more powerful results and may be utilized for recreational purposes. Others have a high level of THC and CBD in their formulation, which makes the drugs potent and makes them ideal for those suffering with severe medical conditions like schizophrenia or epilepsy. The medical community is beginning to comprehend the complexity of the drug as well as the strains that fit that description. Keep reading to know more about different cannabis varieties and which ones are in the greatest demand.
Types of Cannabis
To understand the genetics behind cannabis strains and their differences it is essential to understand the three major types of cannabis. Every strain of cannabis contains a distinct ratio of Cannabinoids (THC), Tetrahydrocannan(THC), and Cannabidiol [CBD]. Keep reading to learn more regarding the various cannabis varieties that are available and the best way to decide the one that is right for you. The majority of cannabis varieties come from the Cannabidae group of plants which includes all varieties and sub-species of cannabis.
We will begin with the indica the most popular and currently the strongest and most well-known strain of cannabis in the United States. Indicas possess a chemical composition as THC however, they have less CBD. The cannabis varieties have been cleared by medical professionals for medicinal use. A lot of patients with debilitating conditions find relief with these varieties. However, some strains are very potent and may cause severe negative side effects in certain people who take these strains. This problem is not common with most Indicas, so it should be kept out of the mix.
A different popular cannabis variety is the Sativa. It is mostly found in Europe as well as Northern India. The cannabis varieties of these types are more tropical in nature and have limited medical benefits. They are typically employed by patients suffering from illnesses such as cancer and glaucoma. However, some strains like Donkey butter can create powerful analgesics that make them popular for recreational use too. The most popular of the three marijuana strains commonly used in the United States for medical marijuana is the Sativa.
One of the most popular varieties of cannabis is the csk. They are found most frequently in Russia. They are less potent of cannabidiol when compared with other strains. They’re frequently referred to as Csk. The research in the field shows that these cannabis strains can help to decrease nausea as well as ease the pain experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The other benefits associated with this strain include relieving discomfort and memory loss, as well as reducing seizures, decreasing appetite and reducing inflammation.
Finally, the sativa strains like blue coma and ruderalis cannabis varieties are thought to be the most suitable for consumption. The type of cannabis that is more common in Southern California where it has been hybridized with others. The process of hybridization allows plants to produce greater quantities of seeds or fruits than their parents. This makes it more likely that they will be producing new products that have greater therapeutic value. Angelica, Geranium and Lavender are examples of ruderalis and Sativa-based products.