According to the US Department of State, “In the thirty years since Poland discarded communism and the fifteen years since it joined the European Union (EU), Poland’s investment climate has continued to grow in attractiveness to foreign investors, including U.S. investors. ” (
When deciding to invest in Poland or economic cooperation with Polish entrepreneurs, it is worth using the professional legal services of a Polish business lawyer. There are two groups of professional lawyers (attorneys-at-law) in Poland – adwokat and radca prawny. Despite some differences, both groups of lawyers deal with legal advice and may appear before the courts. It is customary, however, that radca prawny specializes in commercial matters and support entrepreneurs in problems in the area of business law, commercial law, corporate law, labor law or tax law.
What services does a business lawyer provide in Poland?
  • provides legal advice
  • prepares legal opinions and expert opinions
  • prepares documents and contracts
  • represents before courts and offices
  • helps in collecting debts
  • provides ongoing legal services to the company.
We can find a business lawyer in Poland in almost every city. We can find a business law office also in Szczecin (kancelaria radcy prawnego w Szczecinie).