Your office’s image speaks volumes about your company. In reality it reveals the degree of trustworthiness, seriousness and genuine your business is. Therefore, it is essential that you pay careful and attentive care of the style of your interior. The kind of architectural material selected should be chosen with care and that includes the kind of glass used for architectural purposes. This article outlines some of the aspects to take into consideration when making decisions for architectural design.

When deciding on the kind of glass that will be employed for office use various aspects to be considered include the glass’s solar control as well as its thermal insulation color light transmission, security properties, as well as sound insulation.

The aesthetics of the glasses is also a major aspect when it comes to office glasses. When you design the kind of spandrel panel it is recommended to consult with your architects to ensure that the entire portico of your building has an aesthetically pleasing and uniform appearance. Be aware of the following elements when choosing the type for architectural glass

glass structure and thicknessA mechanical calculation should be carried out to make sure that the minimum amount of the glass’s structure and thickness needed for stability of glass as well as the load it is exposed to and its overall dimensions, is what was intended. The calculation should be based upon the ASTM E-1300 “Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Building.” (You can access this document from the ASTM website.)

Sound Insulation Properties
Office buildings should be quiet and which is productive. Therefore, when choosing an architectural glass, the sound performance is a factor to consider. This directly impacts on the glass’s structure and thickness. The higher the quality of acoustic performance is required, the higher the weight that the glass will have. If needed insulation glass units or acoustic made of laminated glass are possible to put in.

Glass Reflectivity and Transmission
The color and overall appearance of your office is of paramount importance. Modern technology provides an array of glass tints and colors, as well as innovative coating options. No matter if you require UV protection, specific reflection requirements, or any other requirements for filtering, the majority of glass makers can supply you with the perfect glass for your architectural needs. Be sure to make the correct choice of tints, coatings and reflectivity to provide your office with that unique vision of the world.

Alongside the previously listed considerations, it’s crucial to take into consideration:

  • Security properties of architecture glass
  • Panel size
  • Energy performance

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