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September 27, 2022

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International Institute for the Unification of Private Law

I. Brief Introduction of UNIDROIT The International Institute for the Unification of Private Law Also known as UNIDROIT was founded in the year 1926 to serve as an adjunct body that was part of the League of Nations; the Institute was in the aftermath of the collapse of the League established in 1940, based on an agreement multilateral known as which is known as the UNIDROIT Statute. Its seat is Rome, Italy. UNIDROIT is an intergovernmental entity that is independent. Its mission is to research the need for and ways of modernizing, harmonizing and coordination of private international law, and particularly commercial law among states and to develop international Conventions to meet the requirements. Furthermore, UNIDROIT has to prepare slowly for the acceptance by various nations of Uniform rules of private law, such as creating drafts of laws and conventions with the aim of creating a uniform internal law, as well as preparing drafts of an agreement with the intention of improving international relations within the realm of private law, conducting studies on comparative law, expressing an interest in projects already carried out in these fields by other institutions and maintaining relations , if necessary, and organizing conferences and publishing publications that the institute […] read more
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10 Key Rules For Investing in Italian Real Estate

With Italy’s timeless appeal, and tax reforms which have cut the cost of buying by 10 percent, there’s never been a better time to invest in Italy real property market. But as with any other real estate purchase – particularly in a foreign land – there are some common sense guidelines to follow to ensure that buying your dream home won’t be luxury law. 1) CONSIDER DIFFERENT REGIONS Tuscany remains the most sought-after overseas buyer’s most desired region in Italy. However, other regions like Sicily, Abruzzo, Calabria and Le Marche are far cheaper and offer stunning scenery and beaches. Take several days at a time , and see which areas you prefer best. Make sure you’re within access to local services or unless you intend to be in complete isolation. In the case of viewing properties, there’s the term “too” many. In the event that you try to squeeze 40 visits in the span of a weekend is an exhausting slog. When you’re at No. 35 most likely, you’ll not recall anything from the previous two dozen. 2) BUDGET REALISTICALLY The famous Tuscan cities like Florence, Lucca and Pisa and its beaches at Versilia and its beautiful rolling hills will always be popular for property buyers. In spite […] read more
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One Important Tip for Doing Business Overseas

Prior to negotiating an agreement in an international country, I reach out to local law firms. They: You are in control of the laws, language and customs You know people from business and government. Learn the process of doing things and know how you will be able to complete the task in Learn to read the local tea leaves for the people you are negotiating with. It’s free of any money to call their house Say hello, and let them know what you’re going to accomplish. Luxury law good resource is Baker & McKenzie. A few years ago , I visited their Paris office and was cold. I asked to speak to an attorney. I had a deal in the works and I asked Wallace Baker, managing partner who was the managing partner, to talk to both parties and tell me on whether a deal was likely. He was friendly, offered us a conference room the next day and even served us coffee. The deal did not go through but Ms. Baker didn’t charge me any fees. In fact, he even left the door open for me in the event that I needed his assistance again. In Spain the situation was completely different. I had negotiated […] read more
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