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Andaman Travel is awash with natural wonders, islands, azure lagoons, turquoise water, tranquil beaches, volcanos, limestone caves, and tropical rainforests. Coconut groves, palm-lined shores, mangroves, and pearly white-sand beaches line the attractive coastline.


This archipelago of 572 islands is a hub for adventure activities and myriad watersports due to diving and snorkeling sites. British era heritage, architectural monuments, exotic food, historical museums, and rich marine life make it an excellent island destination in India.


Andaman Tour Packages


Are you planning a vacation on the Andaman Islands? Do Check out Andaman Holiday Packages with TrueHAB to get the best deals. Tour packages are available from all major cities, including Bangalore to Andaman Trip. Andaman Honeymoon Package from Bangalore is your best bet.


Andaman Tour Package by Cruise is becoming a preferable option for the voyage, multi-amenities, and extravagant experiences. The government runs 3-4 sailings per month from Kolkata and Chennai and one sailing from Visakhapatnam.


Andaman Travel Guidelines Covid


Andaman Travel Restrictions Covid had brought down the tourist’s footfall on this beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. However, islands are now open to welcome tourists since September 2020 with the following conditions.


·         A negative RT-PCR Report from an ICMR recognized laboratory is a must before landing at Port Blair Airport. The report should not be more than 48 hours before the arrival.


·         At the airport, tourists have to furnish personal details in a form. The officers verify the report on the ICMR website and validate it with a stamp before the tourists leave the airport.


·         Tourists with negative reports are exempt from institutional or home quarantine. A positive report attracts institutional isolation, and tourists have to shell out a fixed cost of isolation.


·         North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands, and Little Andaman island are not open for tourists yet.


You can check the latest update on the Andaman Tourism Website. Andaman and Nicobar are in the green zone.


Places to Visit in Andaman


1. Havelock Island- Snorkeling, scuba diving, colorful coral are the main highlights


2. Radhanagar Beach- Asia’s best beach as per Time magazine and famous for turquoise waters and white sand.


4. North Bay Beach- Site for sea walking, marine creatures, and coral reefs.


5. The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum- Educate you about marine biodiversity and sea creatures.


6. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park- Famous for scuba diving, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, and mangrove creeks.


7.Neil Island- Home to 3 beautiful beaches with shimmering waters


8. Diglipur – Famous for Turtle nesting sites, crocodile sanctuaries, limestone caves, the island’s highest peak, and Diglipur Church.


9. Chidiya Tapu- A birder’s paradise


10. Ross Island (the Paris of the East) – Government House, historic ruins, and architecture are the main highlights


11. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex – Site for scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, rowboat paddling, parasailing, speed boat ride, jet ski rides, banana boat ride, etc.


12. Baratang Island – Known for mud volcanoes, limestone caves, mangrove forests, and Jarawa Tribe.


13. Vijaynagar Beach- A tranquil beach for sunbathing and shallow floating.


14. Cellular Jail – A national memorial famous for the incarceration of freedom fighters during British time.


Things to Do in Andaman and Nicobar




Parasailing is water and air-based activity for adrenaline junkies. With safety gears and instructions, it is safe.


2. Sea Plane Ride


The tiny plane glides at a high altitude over the sprawling landscape. The ride lasts for 15 minutes with a maximum of 9 people on board.


3. Glass Bottom Boat Ride


With a glass-bottom boat ride, you can view coral reefs and marine life without going into the waters at Jolly Buoy Island, Port Blair, or North Bay Coral Island.


4. Scuba Diving


Have an expert guide, take hour-long lessons about precautions, and enjoy underwater marine life and coral reefs with this thrilling activity.


5. Bioluminescence at Havelock Island


Visit beaches at Havelock Island on a moonless night to the natural wonder of Bioluminescence. To see it up close, you can book kayaking tours.


6. Guided Tour at Mongluton Rubber Plantation


With guided tours, you can unwind and learn about the rubber manufacturing process at the plantation.


7. Banana Boat Ride


You can enjoy this fun activity anywhere in Andaman with an instructor on board. Safety gears and briefing make it safe for tourists.


8. Limestone Cave Explorations


Book a tour to explore limestone caves, which have evolved in millions of years as another natural wonder.


9. Bird Watching


Chidiya Tapu is a birder’s paradise with emerald dives, parakeets, sea eagles, and several other bird species.


10. Island Hopping


Island hopping combines the whole holiday experience for your family. Local travel agents provide island hopping tours.


11. Mt Harriet to Madhuban Trek


The third highest peak on the island is Mt. Harriet. You can venture out on a thrilling trek along the uneven paths of the forest, viewing the diverse flora and fauna.


12. Sunsets and Sunrise


Unbeatable views of the sunsets and sunrises at various places on the island do not disappoint tourists.


13. Snorkelling


Snorkeling is a popular activity in Andaman to learn about marine life and coral reefs. Elephant Beach and North Island Bay are the places.


14. Sea Walking


Tread on the seabed and see clownfish, starfish, shellfish, and sea anemones through the full-face window in the sea walker.


15. Light and Sound Show at Cellular jail


The light and sound show recounts freedom fighters’ epic struggle for India’s freedom in Hindi and English at 06.00 pm and 07.15 pm.