SEO as a strategic support

There is a lot of SEO topics that have strategic relevance within the market to which the company or professional is targeting.

In particular:

  • The concepts of long tail
  • The evolution towards the mobile world
  • The evolution towards voice interfaces
  • The evolution towards the global multilingual market

A significant intersection of these concepts is driven by the marketing need to identify one or more market niches, a market segment that has specific needs and preferences, which distinguish it from the rest of the market.

Furthermore, the market niche can be more or less specific. Within the footwear market, for example, a market niche can be that of women’s shoes, which in turn can be further divided into formal, sports, casual, mountain shoes and so on. They are all market niches within a broader niche.

Each market and each market niche can be further subdivided to find extremely specific niches (market segmentation).

The characteristics used to carry out the segmentation of the market are different, they can concern common needs, interests, lifestyle or even identify demographic profiles.

To segment the market and therefore find the most scalable market niche for your business, you can therefore follow various criteria, including:

  • Characteristics and specificity of products and services
  • Geographical area where your potential customers are located. This criterion is more suitable for local businesses, or those who want to sell their products and / or services in a specific geographical area.
  • Age, gender, family… Everything that constitutes the demographic characteristics of your ideal customer. This type of criterion helps you to define your ideal customer and to understand their needs and their needs.

· It is also possible to segment the market based on the advantages and benefits sought by the recipients in the use of a particular product.

· It is also possible to segment the market based on the needs of products or services. For example, if I sell sweets or wines, I may be interested in intercepting those looking for birthday or anniversary gifts.


In a period of continuous and accelerated changes like this it is essential to know how to change and adapt one’s marketing strategies to market changes.

In order to use SEO techniques as strategic support, they must be structured in such a way as to:

  • be based on long tail logic
  • be numerically very significant
  • be continuously modular in order to test new niche aspects
  • be managed in continuous activation and addition, in order to widen the areas and contexts more and more
  • to be able to test searches not only for the characteristics of the products or users, but, if not above all, for the needs, even if not direct, which may indicate our products and services as a response to search intents
  • obviously be measurable, in order to have the correct feedback and the correct suggestions for corporate marketing strategies.

The suggestions that come from these processes are ESSENTIAL to understand and adapt to the changing market.

Our SEOxSEO solutions, in addition to the usual branding and lead generation needs, are specifically designed to apply the above processes.

In particular they are:

  • Massive, with a mathematical combination of attributes, in perfect multiple long tail logic
  • Automatic in the generation of content
  • Incremental and continuous over time: perfect for probing always different market niches and the different “search intents” that can move towards products and services
  • Multilingual
  • Perfect from an SEO point of view
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