When a person is trying to improve the efficiency of their home, they should be sure to consider all resources such as water, electricity, and gas. There are many different things that people can change within their homes in order to improve the efficiency. Some of these changes may require hiring professionals in order to obtain the optimal energy savings. You can start by having a licensed plumber and electrician come into your home to do an evaluation of your current situation. They will be able to tell you what improvements can be made in order to save both environmental resources and your hard-earned money.

A common problem in non-efficient homes is the insulation, or lack thereof. An electrician can let you know approximately how much energy is being wasted every year due to your current lack of insulation. By installing new Energy Star windows, caulking cracks around doors and windows, and having a plumber wrap pipes with insulating blankets; you will save a substantial amount of money along with significantly reducing heat loss in the wintertime. Installing a programmable thermostat can also help; an ideal temperature in the wintertime is 68°. Save in the summer by opening windows and letting ceiling fans circulate the air as opposed to running the air conditioner.

Water conservation is just as important as gas and electric conservation. You can save on usage by having your plumber install a special flapper and fill valve in your toilet. This will reduce the flow significantly. New shower heads can also make a noteworthy improvement in the amount of water you use daily. Other things that can be done to help conserve H2O include running a shorter laundry load, having your plumber repair your leaking faucets, and making sure to shut the tap off while it is not actively in use. Watering your lawn is an act that you may want to reconsider. Is maintaining the greenest grass on the block really that important to you? If not, shut off those sprinklers to save thousands of gallons per year.

Reducing our consumption and conserving what we currently have is very important. As time goes by, we are learning more and more every day that our resources are being depleted. We are also learning that we must do whatever we can in order to make sure that our children and grandchildren have the means to live a full, happy life without worrying about the lack of heat, clean water, and the other resources to which we have become accustomed to having readily available.

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