There is no doubt that toner is by far the most expensive component of owning a laser printer. The statistics show that the average lifespan of a laser printer is about five years.Toner Cartridges Within that five-year time frame it will cost you seven times more for cartridges toner and toner than you did for the laser printer. If your printer runs for longer than 5 years you’ll be paying even more.

Below are twelve ideas (plus another) to help you cut the cost of toner.

1. Before purchasing an additional cartridge for your printer Do a bit of research. It is important to be aware of “what kind” of toner toner cartridge you’re buying. Every printer’s needs differ. In this case, for instance, you may prefer one kind of cartridge for your draft printing, and then use a more expensive cartridge for the final print. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll always save money by making an educated buying decision. Beware of the problems that can arise from impulsive purchases that are not well-informed.

2. Buy compatible toner cartridges. Compatible cartridges are new toner cartridges produced by third-party firms. They are made in accordance with exactly the OEM requirements of the printer. The manufacturing process for compatible cartridges has improved significantly in the last couple of years. The technology employed by these companies that use compatible toner is comparable to the technology used by the major printer makers.

3. Buy remanufactured printer cartridges. Third party printers make recycled cartridges for toner. They purchase empty cartridges, dispose of any surplus toner waste , and then refill the cartridge with toner that is specifically designed for the printer. The cartridges then go through a quality-check process to make sure that the drum and other parts of the cartridge are operating properly.

4. Purchase a kit to refill your cartridge. Toner refill kits give you the equipment and directions needed to refill your toner cartridge. It generally will take less than ten minutes. Make sure you follow the steps step-by step attentively. You should expect to refill your toner cartridge about three times before having to be replaced.

5. Replace the drum that is used for toner instead of the entire cartridge. A lot of cartridges toner permit replacement of just the drum, not the entire cartridge. The replacement of just the drum can cost you less.

6. Look around for toners and cartridges for toner. Do not buy a cartridge for toner or toner cartridge from the very first manufacturer you find. It is common to find bargains when you shop and comparing. For instance, you can browse an auction website like eBay and compare prices for toner and toner cartridges. Some companies permit you to utilize coupons to cut costs on purchases. Numerous toner manufacturers will deliver your order for toner without cost. Comparing prices can save you lots of cash.

7. Purchase in the bulk. You will usually reduce your cost by buying in bulk. For instance, you could purchase several cartridges of toner instead of one. It is possible to purchase bulk toner to fill your toner cartridge. After you have purchased an ink refill kit (see #4 above) all you’ll require in the future is toner. It is possible to purchase this toner through the company which you purchased the refill kit for your toner.

8. Do not replace your cartridge before you notice the first signs of paper streaks. A lot of people think that they need to immediately replace their cartridge when they notice an unintentional streak of light in their document. Don’t replace the toner cartridge. Get it out of the machine and shake it gently a few times. Your cartridge for toner usually contains ten percent of its ink intact. When you shake it gently and printing, you will get more than a hundred pages of print quality. Repeat this procedure until you can not print more than 30 pages of streak-free pages. Then, you need to shake it once more. Replace the cartridge for toner.

9. Purchase toner cartridges with separate drums. Certain laser printers come with both the drum and toner cartridge together in one unit. Others printers have these two components separate. If you can, purchase an toner cartridge that has an additional drum unit. The drum is typically approximately 20,000 pages while the toner cartridge can produce only 3500 pages. With some time, using laser printers equipped with separate drums can cut the cost of printing because it is possible to replace the drum many times as opposed to the cartridge.

10. Make sure to check the yield of the cartridge prior to purchasing. If you do a bit of research, you’ll be able to estimate the number of pages a cartridge of toner is likely to print. For instance, a cartridge could print 5000 pages at 5 percent coverage. The general rule is that the amount of pages that a cartridge can print is based on the coverage of five percent. This means that just one-fifth of the paper will be printed. However, that number can vary depending on whether you print lots of graphic and text, bold fonts and so on. But, using these figures you will have a rough notion of which printers and cartridges are more expensive or cost less in the course of its life.