Custom Print Bags – Profitable Partnering For Printers and Marketers

The beauty about business today is that “not everybody knows everything.” You may be at the top of your game with printing or marketing, but to keep your clients happy you may need to diversify your product lines. The easiest way to do this is partnering with specialists like custom print bag suppliers.
Partnering with custom print bag suppliers to find additional revenue streams
Printing companies partner with custom print bag suppliers because they can offer them another revenue stream. Their customers love it because they’re getting something different from their favorite printing company. Everyone wants to be a one-stop shop. Everyone wants to satisfy their customers. Partnerships like this help printers become more important to their customer and everyone wins.
For example, as a custom print bag supplier, we have worked with some of the biggest printers in the U.S. One of their divisions asked us to make some plastic bags for the great state of Texas. Another division wanted us to help them with paper laminated shopping bags for their jewelry customers. Because of this partnership, they became more diversified and gained the ability to generate more revenue.
Choosing a custom print bag supplier – it’s all about experience.
You want to choose a partner who can bring expertise and knowledge to the relationship. Pick someone you feel comfortable working with. Look for samples to make sure the company can back up what they are saying.
The best part about partnering with a custom print bag supplier is that you gain access to the years of experience they bring to the table. As a marketer, you can come to them with a project and take advantage of their knowledge to create unique custom print bags tailored to your clients needs.
Don’t be afraid to go with a custom print bag supplier who is honest about what can and can’t be done.
Custom print bag suppliers can print anything on a piece of paper or plastic. That’s not the issue. Sometimes artists will create a project that is simply not cost-effective. Your custom print bag supplier needs to have enough experience to know it’s a beautiful design, but it’s going to cost you a fortune to produce. Or they can make suggestions to modify it slightly while keeping the artistic vision intact. You need a partner who knows what’s economically viable and what’s not economically viable, what’s possible and what’s not.
The importance of diversity
You don’t want to deal with a custom print bag supplier that has one bag of tricks and will only steer you toward that particular bag of tricks. You want to find someone who works with different methods of printing in different materials.
For example, one of our partners came to us for a custom print wine bag. We discussed a bag design that would achieve high impact and save shelf space. The custom print bag design incorporated a triangular shape with a non-traditional finish. We utilized a frosty, high-density material to achieve the avant-garde look they were going for.
That same kind of shape can also be created as a laminated shopping bag in paper. This is one example of a way to achieve diversity: executing the same product in a different kind of material. One effect is avant-garde and upscale while the other achieves an upscale feel in a more traditional medium.
Don’t wait for clients to ask
Many marketers and printers make this mistake. They wait for their customers to say, “I’m looking for a bag,” and it’s only then they start to look for a custom print bag supplier as a partner. Instead, look to “grow” your customer base with other experts that can add value to your business.
All businesses are looking to increase income and drive revenue. Partnerships are the perfect way of achieving that while boosting your appeal to your customers. When you’re coming to your clients with new ideas, you come out looking like a hero and pick up a lot of new business.
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