Are you planning a corporate event? Worried you might overspend of forget something? What sort of hospitality will fit with your event? Read our helpful hints and tips here XoXo Party.
1. What are your objectives for your event and what outcomes do you perceive. Clearly defining this at the start of your planning, print this up and put it in a noticeable place. This will help you keep on track and concentrate on the most important aspects during the planning process
2. Identify possible dates for your event, speak to important groups to see how these dates will suit them but remember that you will never be able to satisfy everyone on the timing of the event
3. Create a guest list and an event agenda. This will help narrow down your venue options and help with your budgeting.
4. Select a venue – where possible have a site visit to get a feel for the place.
5. Create a Schedule and/or Event Plan and send to potential suppliers. Many suppliers will have existing relationships with other suppliers and may be able to help or recommend other companies to look after different areas of your event.
6. Talk to other companies who have held similar events or used the suppliers you have earmarked. Ask for any key they have learnt and have found out about during and after their event.
7. Create a calendar with deadlines. Make sure these targets are reached on time. This will help keep your event planning on track.
8. Delegate and/or create a committee. Identify motivated people to help take some of the workload off you. Let them get on with their tasks and arrange regular meetings for updates on their progress. Professional consultants can be worth their weight in gold, identify areas where you will need this extra help to add value to your event.
9. Set your budget. Keep a close eye on costs as it can easily spiral out of control. Shop around for quotes from several suppliers. Always ask if there are any hidden extra costs and get all our quotes in writing. Ask them if there are any other services they would recommend to help a smooth running event – use their expertise and experience.
10. Identify a supplier for food and beverages, look for one who has experience of corporate hospitality services. Many good caterers also look after the drinks and the bar and with the economies of scale this can keep your costs down.
11. On the day of the event arrive early and have a thorough walk through to make sure all aspects are in place and ready to run
12. Identify key areas of responsibility for your team of helpers. Make sure they know and understand their responsibilities. Organize a meeting on the morning of the event, this can be for information as well as motivation. Allocate as much work away from yourself. There are always and million and one extra things that will need to be attended to so leave your time to look after any of these unforeseen happenings.